Electronics Revival, Marble Falls, TX

Smartphone Repair, Tablet Repair, Television Repair


Electronics Revival: Where All Electronic Mishaps are Welcome! – Call Today – 830-693-2074

Our trained technicians are able to repair your:

* iPhone
* Smartphone
* iPod
* iPad
* Tablet
* Computer
* Video game console
* Televisions and other electronic devices while maintaining manufacturer standard quality and functionality.

Apple Users: Whether you dropped your iPhone on the sidewalk, or watched your iPod take a bath, let one of our knowledgeable and dedicated technicians take a look at it. Don’t fret if you are not part of the Apple carrying population, we service a wide variety of electronic brands including, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, tablets, and computers from Dell to Google, and everything in between. We will happily diagnose any electronic device that troubles you.

We are committed to providing our customers and their beloved electronics with the highest-grade parts and services. We offer free diagnostics on all electronics except for televisions, and promise to keep you informed every step of the way on your electronic device’s road to recovery!

Whether it’s a shattered screen on your phone or an iPad that won’t charge; let Electronics Revival take a look at it. We aim to exceed your expectations, and in doing so, are able to offer a 90-day warranty on all services and repairs- let us show you what we can do!

Don’t hesitate to visit us in Marble Falls, TX, where you will be sure to find the most affordable and reliable services in one stop!

20 thoughts on “Home

  1. i dropped my phone today and my lcd screen is shattered. the screen itself is not cracked. can yall fix that?

  2. Hello. I dropped my phone off today. The email I sent was returned. Is it fixed? Lori Luker PS Please send me an email. I have no access to a phone. Thank you.

  3. Lori, he is still working on it. It may be the battery and we won’t have one until tomorrow

  4. I need a new charging port for my Iphone 6 is this something that yall can do today? Need it done desperately.

  5. Sorry I’m out of town until Monday. Try this trick. Usually lent and dirt build up in the port. Take a tooth pick or a paper clip and dig all the dirt out and then try and charge it. Let me know how that works

  6. I dropped my phone 3 weeks ago, everything was fine at first just a cracked screen, but then it stopped connecting to WiFi and it says I have no service or searching, my provider is AT&T. Is there a way yall could fix that? Please and thank you.

  7. We can look at it to see if the antenna came loose. Usually its in the software and there is no fix

  8. I have a Monster HTS 3600 power Center that has stopped working, is this something you can repair?

  9. Sorry we don’t work on them

  10. Do you have home service?
    I have an old school component system, turn table, receiver, tuner. I need it hucked up.
    Thank you

  11. I have a Samsung galaxy edge 7……and I dropped it. The front is ok however the back glass is shattered. Can that be fixed?

  12. We can, but its pretty expensive. You’d be looking at $210 for the part and another $60 to install it. So $270 plus tax

  13. Ballpark cost to replace a shattered screen on an i-Phone6?

  14. My samsung smart TV’s screen is no longer turning on. the Relay itself is receiving power (red power LED lights up/flickers on standby) but there is no picture whatsoever. Typical home remedies have yielded no results, so I assume it’s a bad main board, and I don’t have the time to swap it out. Ballpark, can you do this, and if so, how much would it cost me?

  15. You can bring it in and we charge an up front diagnostic fee of $75 Plus tax. We will go through it and tell you exactly what’s wrong. Then from there we will call you with an estimate. If you tell us to get it fixed then we will credit the $75 towards the repair.

  16. On my Galaxy S6, the front glass is bent up. I haven’t dropped it and suspect it’s the battery. Can you work on this?

  17. Bring it in and we’ll check it out

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